Set up theme options

This theme comes with a new theme options panel that is located in the sidebar in your wp-admin. The theme options panel consists of several pages, where you define important options for the themes functionality and layout.

Global settings

  1. Enable config panel: Adds the options panel to your site for testing colors and fonts.
  2. Add logo Add the url of your logo. Click the upload image-button and upload an image to the library. Then click the "Insert in post" button.
  3. Logo margins: To properly align logo vertically, you can enter values for margins.
  4. Search field top margin: Here you can adjust the vertical position of the search box, to make it align properly with the logo.
  5. Disable/hide search box in header: Check this if you do not want the searchform to appear in the header on the pages
  6. Disable/hide search box in footer: Check this if you do not want the searchform to appear in the footer on the pages
  7. Disable/hide social media icons: Check this if you do not want to display social media links in the footer
  8. Disable dropdown in main menu: Check this is if you want to disable dropdowns in the primary navigaion.
  9. Disable footer: Check this to disable the footer widgets on all pages
  10. Footer copyright text: Type your copyright text here. It will be displayed below the footer on all pages
  11. Contact form mail: Enter the email address you want the contact form to send to
  12. Google Analytics Tracking Code: Paste your tracking code her


  1. Slideshow
    • Display slideshow: Turn on/off slideshow on home page
    • Select category for home page slideshow: Left unselected, slideshow will display slides from all categories
    • Select slideshow type: Choose between Cycle slider or Accordion
  2. Cycle slider settings
    • Transition effect: Select between many effects
    • Autoplay interval. Value in milliseconds
  3. Accordion slider settings
    • Show/hide excerpt text in accordion


Home page

  1. Home page article 1
    • Show hide article 1
    • Select page for article 1
    • Display excerpt or content
  2. Home page article 2
    • Show hide article 2
    • Select page for article 2
    • Display excerpt or content
  3. Tab panel
    • Show/hide tab panel
    • Character limit for testimonials in tab panel
  4. Featured pages
    • Header for featured pages
    • Show/hide featured pages
    • Character limit in excerpt
  5. Home page blog posts
    • Show/hide blog posts on home page¨
    • Header for home page blog
    • Posts per page for home page blog
    • Blog layout
      • Fullwidth
      • Blog with sidebar
    • Character limit in excerpt

Portfolio settings

  1. Hide excerpt in portfolios: Check this if you do not want to display excerpt on portfolio pages
  2. Character limit in excerpt
  3. Thumbnail behaviour when clicked: Choose wether you want to enlarge the image or go to the post content when clicking the thumbnail
  4. Post order: Descending or ascending

Blog pages

Settings for Blog-page, archive-pages, category-pages, tag-pages etc

  1. Blog layout
    • Fullwidth
    • Blog with sidebar
  2. Posts per page on blog pages: Select the number of posts you want to display per page in pages for blog, archive, tags, category and searchresults
  3. Display author info in posts: Check this to display a box with author info below the post content
  4. Display related posts: Check this to display related posts below the post content. Related posts are posts with the same tags.
  5. Hide publish date in post-meta: Check this to hide publish date in blog, archive and category pages.
  6. Hide author in meta: Check this to hide author in meta on blog, archive and category pages
  7. Hide categories: Choose wether you want to display categories on the pages
  8. Display post content: Display post content instead of excerpt on blog, archive and category pages.
  9. Display post content in listings instead of excerpt
  10. Character limit in excerpt

News pages

  1. Posts per page in news list
  2. Posts per page in news archive
  3. Character limit in excerpt

Testimonial pages

  1. Posts per page on testimonial pages
  2. Character limit in excerpt

FAQ pages

  1. Number of posts in the "Latest question" tab
  2. Name for first tab, that displays the latest questions/answers

Social media

Here you add the icons, url’s and name of the social-media you want to display in the social media widget that comes with the theme. 6 icons have been automatically installed.

Skins, colors and sidebar

You have many options for customizing the look and feel of the theme here. You can change text-size, colors, backgrounds, background-images and lots more.

  1. Color scheme: Choose skin in the dropdown.
  2. Background image: Choose an image from the dropdown list
  3. Custom background image: Upload and insert custom image for page background
  4. Disable tiled background: Check this if you do not want the background to tile the whole background. I will be placed on the top center.
  5. Custom page background color: Use the colorpicker or write a hex color value.
  6. Custom footer background color: Use the colorpicker or write a hex color value.
  7. Primary menu background color
  8. Link color
  9. Link color on hover
  10. Button color
  11. Button color on hover
  12. Sidebar position: Choose left of right alignment


  1. Header font: Select font for h1, h2 and h3.
  2. Menu font:For primary menu, tab panels and large button.
  3. Html font: All other text.
  4. Font sizes: You can define custom sizes for h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 and paragraph text.

Image settings:

Image resizing: You have the choice of using either Timthumb.php or the default WordPress image resizing.

  1. Timthumb resizes on the fly, and you can redefine image heights after the images have been uploaded. It may render images a bit slowly on your page.
  2. The default WordPress image resizing resizes the images on upload. If you want to change image heights after the image has been uploaded, you will need to upload the image again. This renders images much quicker than timthumb, and is recommended for sites with many images.

Image sizes: Here you can define heights for the different images used on the site.

Theme translation

Here you can translate the misc. words and phrases that the theme uses.

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