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[quote] This by far the most feature rich theme I have ever produced. Please browse through the features, shortcodes, post-types and theme options panel below. [/quote]

[tabpanel  tab1=”Shortcodes” tab2=”Custom post types” tab3=”Theme options panel”]

[tab id=”1″]

Shortcodes inserted with shortcode generator

Using shortcodes has never been easier. With this theme you can insert shortcodes via buttons in the editor. More than 60 shortcodes are provided with this theme.

[toggle title=”Columns”] The theme has been set up with shortcodes for ready made grids for two, three, four and five column layouts. Create complex layouts easily with the shortcode generator. More than 40 ready made grid/column shortcodes are provided.

[button url=”features/shortcodes/columns-and-boxes/”]See examples[/button][/toggle]

[toggle title=”Portfolio shortcode”] 6 different portfolio layouts are provided. Fullwidth, two column, three column, four column and 5 column. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Gallery shortcode”] 5 different gallery layouts, including a gallery slideshow. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Video shortcode”] Insert Vimeo or Youtube video in any page or post with the click of a button. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”News list and news archive”] Easily insert news list or a news archive on any page or post. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Testimonials”] Display a testimonial page to show off your satisfied clients. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”FAQ-module”] FAQ has it’s own custom post type, and can be displayed anywhere with this smart little shortcode. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Events-module”] Display you future posts from the custom post type ‘Events’ . Let your readers know what’s coming… [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Tabs and toggles”] Choose between two different tab panel looks. The tab panel with toggles you are seing right now is inserted with shortcode. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Buttons”] Choose between three different buttons. Dark, light and colored.

[button url=”#”]Read more[/button]

[button_dark url=”#”]Read more[/button_dark]

[button_light url=”#”]Read more[/button_light] [/toggle]


[tab id=”2″]

6 custom post types for easy content management

Using custom post types to separate different kinds of content from each other, makes a big difference. Content management is much more efficient since you don’t need to search among hundreds of posts to find what you are looking for.

[toggle title=”Portfolio”]  Custom post type for portfolio.

[button url=”portfolio/”]See portfolio pages[/button]


[toggle title=”Slideshow”] Own custom post type for slideshow. This makes it very flexible in terms of where you want to link the slides.  [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Events”]  Display future events. .

[button url=”events/”]See events page[/button][/toggle]

[toggle title=”FAQ”] FAQ-posts are organized as custom post types.

[button url=”faq/”]See faq page[/button] [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Testimonials”]   [/toggle]

[toggle title=”News”]  [/toggle] [/tab] [tab id=”3″]

Huge theme options panel with 13 pages

[toggle title=”Global settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Slideshow settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Home page settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Blog settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Portfolio settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”News settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Testimonial settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”FAQ settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Social media settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Slideshow settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Skins and color settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Fonts settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Image settings”] Text [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Translation panel”] Text [/toggle]



  • Unlimited colors for background, menu, links, buttons, footer etc. Added with colorpicker in theme options panel.
  • Unlimited background images for page background
  • Shortcodes added with buttons/panels in editor – Fast and easy.
  • Slideshows
    • Add slideshows to any page or post
    • Unlimited slideshows
    • Cycle or Accordion
    • Gallery slideshow
  • Portfolio
    • Unlimited portfolio categories
    • 5 portfolio layouts
    • Easily inserted on pages via shortcode generator
  • Gallery
    • 5 gallery layouts + gallery slider
    • Easily inserted on pages or posts via shortcode generator
  • Video
    • Video support for Vimeo and Youtube
    • Inser via shortcode generator or via custom meta panel in editor
  • Fullwidth posts and pages
  • Sidebar right/left
  • More than 60 shortcodes – all inserted easily via shortcode generator
    • Portfolio’s
    • Galleries
    • Tabs and toggles
    • Faq
    • News list
    • News archive
    • Testimonial list
    • Events list
    • Many column layouts
  • Huge and user friendly  admin panel – 13 pages and more than 150 options.
  • Panel for translation in admin panel
  • 6 custom post types for great content management.
    • Slides
    • Portfolio
    • News
    • Events
    • Testimonials
    • FAQ
  • FAQ-module
  • Events – Future posts
  • 10 sidebars, and more than 20 widgetized areas.
  • 6 custom widgets
  • More than 20 fonts – Uses @fontface for fast page rendering
  • SEO optimized
  • WP 3.0 menu support with four menu locations
    • Primary menu
    • Secondary menu
    • Tertiary menu
    • Footer menu
  • …and much more.

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